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Signature Delegation

Please read the Introduction first.

What are Delegated Signing Keys?

Delegated signing keys allow you to sign orders for your wallet from another address which you registered on the blockchain. The right to deposit or withdraw funds always remains with your wallet.

Why are they useful?

Delegated signing keys allow you to manage cold wallet funds with a hot wallet address and can be used like API-Keys on centralized exchanges. Our webinterface uses this feature by locally (re-)creating a Delegated Signing Key from username/address, password and two factor authentication. Thereby, we create a centralized-exchange-like user experience and allow users to trade on different devices/browsers which do not support web3.

How does it work?

The wallet which holds the funds has to register the "delegate" (address which is supposed to sign orders on behalf on the "delegator") in the smart contract. Once this "delegation transaction" is mined the smart contract will accept orders signed from both addresses.

How can I use it?

The easiest way to delegate and dedelegate addresses is from the webinterface. Just go to settings once authenticated and switch to the "Delegated Signing Keys" tab to manage them. The underlying smart contract invocations to implement it yourself are documented here.